Specialist IT Support in Cumbria

Is your business reliant on the smooth running of your IT? Do you struggle to find IT skills for your business when you need them?

Information and knowledge are at the heart of most businesses today. At Furness Internet we work with your business as a long term IT partner. We aim to make running your IT as painless and cost effective as possible.

IT Specialists

We enable you to outsource as much (or as little) of your IT function as you need to. Our people each specialise in specific disciplines and work as a team to deliver your requirements as efficiently as possible. This means that even a relatively small organisation can benefit from the experience of a broad pool of experienced IT staff.

Real People

In today’s world of Centralisation and Offshore call centres, it is good to have access to real people who know and understand your business and who are never more than a few hours away. We can offer both onsite and remote support when you need it.

So, whatever your requirement, if it contains an element of Internet Technology, our close-knit team of experts will guide you through to a full solution.

Who are we?

About Us

Furness Internet has evolved to provide the broadest range of Internet based services to businesses in Cumbria.

Support News

I want to say how much I appreciated the prompt remote and on-site assistance I got from the Furness Support Team!  The team did not give up until my problems, and there were a few of them, were sorted.

— Dr Suzanne Regan