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Email is a critical part of any business. Making sure you receive the emails you want and filter out those you don’t is becoming increasingly more important. Furness Internet can provide a variety of solutions to deal with your email needs.

Standard Email

Our POP3 and SMTP email server provides an excellent level of spam reduction by using an intelligent rejection system. This ensures that valid emails accidentally caught by the spam filter are never deleted without the sender’s knowledge. 

Hosted Email Security

Our hosted email security services immediately relieve your own email servers and users from the burden of spam and viruses by scanning the inbound and outbound messages, quarantining all suspicious mail.

Hosted Solutions

A hosted Microsoft Exchange is available for those who require more functionality than a standard system, but don’t have the budget or bandwidth to run their own Exchange server. Hosted Exchange accounts provide users with the ability to share their contacts and calendars with other users of the same organisation, as well as the ability to access their emails from any compatible mobile device.

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So, whatever your requirement, if it contains an element of Internet Technology, our close-knit team of experts will guide you through to a full solution.

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Furness Internet has evolved to provide the broadest range of Internet based services to businesses in Cumbria.