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Call 35 countries for just 1.5ppm.

Furness Internet offer many VoIP solutions for your business or home office. We provide quality VoIP services at affordable prices. Click here to see a full list of call charges.

  • Great call rates & free internal calls
  • a time-of-day call routing
  • Voicemail
  • Conferencing
  • Reserve sequential phonenumbers for future use
  • choose from 650 area codes

To learn more about our VoIP services, call us on 01229 808050 or sign up for VoIP services here.

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So, whatever your requirement, if it contains an element of Internet Technology, our close-knit team of experts will guide you through to a full solution.

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Furness Internet has evolved to provide the broadest range of Internet based services to businesses in Cumbria.

Support News

“I just wanted to take a minute to give some positive feedback on your staff with regard to the hands-on support at Westlakes.

I always get great communication from Stephen Swann who comes across as professional but calm even when the pressure is on. And for the hands-on support I know I can relax when either Andy or Simon Hobson are involved. I dont have to spoon feed them or teach them about network basics or how to approach the problem. They both apply their own intelligence and their own IT skills. It was Simon’s latest visit that prompted me to write although I am sure he would say there was nothing exceptional about it. He just lived up to his usual high standards. The best way I can put it is that it is as reassuring as having one of my own colleagues there. I can trust their IT skills and abilities as well as their common sense. They dont need supervision.

Its is a very stark contrast to one or two other IT firms we have used for similar hands-on roles at different sites where the knowledge of their staff is not really up to the services they claim to support for their customers – particularly in the field of networks and internet support and advice. I sometimes feel they are only surviving by pulling the wool over the eyes of their customers.

In short, I think you should be proud of your team.”

— Anthony Ryan